The Need For Archons

Since the Tho-Le’cel protectorate is more of akin to wartime coalition than a regulatory body, the channels for communication between member-nations are few and far between. However, it is sometimes necessary for the nations to be able to work together quickly, and thus exist the Archons of the Tho-Le’Cel Protectorate.

What is an Archon?

Though no one can agree upon what it was, there was obviously once a need in the world for nations to be able to work with each other in a coordinated effort quickly. The complexities of the internal politics of each nation state are baffling, but the politics of the TLCP are dead simple.
Each member nation designates an archon to act as their sole representative to the TLCP. An archon is more than just the spokesperson for their race in international matters though. In the eyes of the TLCP, an archon is the ultimate sovereign authority over the people he or she represents. Once the time of need has passed, the archons are retired unilaterally. At regularly scheduled gatherings of the Archons, the archons are retired unceremoniously before heading home.

Why am I an Archon

Though Archons have incredible political power, the use of such power is rare. There is a gathering of the archons once ever 200 years, to which every member-nation must send a representative (though the Le’Celeri have been absent for a few thousand years). This is a regular meeting which serves to keep peace and preserve the state of the union. Though some nation states are very particular about who they send, for others it is a joke and even an insult to be sent. You have been chosen to represent your nation, and will become their archon upon your arrival to the gathering set to occur in a few month. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, but it is already set in stone for you


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