The Tho-Le'Cel Protectorate


The Tho-Le’Cel Protectorate is the name given to the loose allegiance between the various sovereign powers of Nocol Ygeth. The Nations of the Tho-Le’Cel Protectorate are as diverse as the land of Nocol Ygeth itself, representing every race and ideology on the planet. Most nations are seperated by vast expanses of unpopulated or uncivilized territory, and trade is virtually non-existent between most nations. Though there is rarely any interaction between it’s constituents, the Tho-Le’cel Protectorate is the ultimate authority on the planet, and no one who has ever tested that authority exists to tell the tale.


The Tho-Le’Cel Protectorate, or TLCP, was started somewhere between 11 and 15 thousand years ago, depending on which nation is being asked. The fragmented nature of the TLCP has been disastrous towards the effort of preserving history, and legends have been intertwined with the facts over the generations. With some variations amongst cultures, the story goes like this:
Years ago, a very powerful race revealed themselves to humanity during “The Worlds Darkest Hour”. The ancient and magical beings, the Le’Celeri forged an alliance with the other sentient races of the world, binding all members to their joint mission of self-preservation. The binding condition of this compact was that every nation of the Tho (The Le’celeri word for the other races of the world; literally translated- ‘lesser species’) participate. Though no Le’Celeri has been sighted for thousands of years, the pact has been upheld ubiquitously in their absence.

The Tho-Le'Cel Protectorate

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