Nations of the Tho-Le'Cel Protectorate


The nations of the Tho-Le’Cel protectorate are as changing and varied as the world itself.

Creation Guidelines

You’ll be creating your own nation to give you full control over your backstory. There are just a few rules regarding nation creation.
*One player per nation, unless you work together and discuss with me
*Don’t make up a detailed backstory about the nation’s external history, instead focus on what it is like in that nation
*You can discuss with other players if you want to be aware of each other’s nations in game, but it’s more important you think about “how does my nation view outsiders” as a whole
*Think about the type of culture you come from (Martial, Pacifistic, Intellectual, etc)
*What is your status in your society?
*Why are you an archon?
*What does that mean in your nation?
*Who lives in your nation? Is it diverse or 90% elven?

Nations of the Tho-Le'Cel Protectorate

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